Korean actress Choo Ja-hyun and Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang are an international couple appearing on ‘You Are My Destiny.’ Along with their appearance on the show, ratings in both Korea and China soared to the point that it has become impossible to calculate exact numbers. The production crew is amazed to see the immense attention they are getting from both countries.

The Choo-Yu couple (Choo Ja-hyun and Yu Xiaoguang) is appearing on SBS’s Season 2 of ‘Same Bed Different Dreams – You Are My Destiny.’ There is massive interest towards the couple from overseas. Reactions are especially tremendous on social media.

After the first episode aired, one of its video clips on the Internet has been getting an outrageous number of views. Since the first episode on the 10th, only two episodes have aired. However, online videos have already exceeded 15 million views on sites and its official Facebook page.

On top of this, their popularity is causing China to overcome their boycott on South Korea. The couple was a dominant search word on China’s biggest social networking site Weibo. Their search rankings have created a frenzy. Here are the record numbers from the past 2 weeks.

◆ 15,245,144 video views

Videos of the international couple Choo-Yu have already exceeded 15 million views online. ‘You Are My Destiny’ on ‘Naver TV Cast’ had its TOP 10 videos filled with videos of the Choo-Yu couple. The video with the most views is one of the newlyweds sharing a sweet ‘morning kiss,’ which has received more than 1 million views. It immediately made it onto the top 10 list of ‘Popular Channel TOP100’, which is based on the weekly total views from ‘Naver TV Cast’.

◆ 110,000,000 : Weibo Hashtag Click

The Choo-Yu couple was ranked No.1 on the China’s biggest social networking site Weibo. The amount of hot keyword searches is amazing. It gained over 110 million hashtag clicks on the 11th, the day after the first episode was aired.

China’s interest towards the couple is formed in a different aspect from Korea’s. Korea is showing more interest in Yu Xiaoguang calling him ‘Yuvely(Yu+lovely).’ On the other hand, China is more in love with Choo than Yu. In Korea, she has a rather ‘girl crush’ image. In China, however, it’s not very common for women to prepare breakfast for their husband, so this lovely side has made her very popular. Even on the Weibo’s variety show category search ranking, Choo was 1st place and Yu was 8th.

◆ 18,139 : Social media followers sky-rocketed in 2 weeks

The ‘Choo-Yu couple’ has created a Facebook frenzy as well. The official Facebook page of ‘You Are My Destiny’ gained 18,139 followers in two weeks after the first episode aired. Facebook parties stated, “It’s not easy to suddenly gain so many followers. There will be more followers in the upcoming episodes.” Even on the program’s Facebook page, the couple’s videos seem unbeatable. Their videos have 3 to 10 times more views than others.


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